Music Mixing Points

There are many guides and lots of helpful information on music production tips on the internet, I myself, have found most of this information is contradictory to each individual source, meaning; if you were to read each tip or guide whilst trying to learn, you would be seriously confused. You must pick one source of information and stick to it as there are many ways to produce music. All these people are not wrong but they are mixing within different genres. There are however some golden rules within mixing and I am going to share a few with you now:

Mix alone or with an experienced music producer – I would advise anyone who does not know where to start in music production to, sit in, on someone mixing session so they can picking up a lot of music mixing techniques and then have a framework on which to start and upon, not actually effects as such, just the pre production set up. If you do not have any friends or you do not know anyone nice enough to let you sit in and watch, then I say do it alone. There is nothing worse than someone who doesn’t know what is happening, buzzing in your ear about non related things or giving poor advice based on one of a million reasons which you do not have time to be thinking about.

Mix within a ‘dead’ environment – You need to mix within a room than has no ‘reflections’. These are surrounds which alter sound. Most commonly reverb but certain materials can make the audio sound different, which means, when you mix within this environment the mix might be sounding amazing, in this space/room, but take it to another room or somewhere else and it will sound odd or hideously bad.

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